Computer Infrastructure and Peripherals

Information technology is an essential part of all businesses. IT infrastructure availability, reliability and performance are therefore, fundamental to business success. Our computer infrastructure and peripherals can help you achieve operational excellence. We always optimize your IT return on investment.

Installation of Workstations and Servers
IT helps the company achieve its strategic business goals and market-growth. SSCGI is the right partner for your daily business operation.

For over a decade, SSCGI offers installation and configuration of well-equipped workstations network communications equipment and software to support the requirements of the customers. It also assembles and assists the customers by providing operating system installation and upgrading the Windows and Mac OS environments.

SSCGI also helps in resolving, if needed, any problems that the customers might encounter. This includes the technical problems related to connectivity to services both internal and external.

SSCGI is a certified reseller of Acer and Lenovo for workstations. Aside from workstations, SSCGI also offers installation of servers. Hewlett Packard Philippines and IBM are the superb partners in delivering high performance and reliability. These are designed to achieve optimum productivity.

Installation of Security Camera System
Having a security camera system such as Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, professionally installed will help employers or homeowners in preventing crimes like thefts. It serves also as solid evidence for the police in some cases. Security Camera System may give customers an idea of how to streamline their business by watching CCTV recordings day by day. SSCGI can assure that its Security Camera System is convenient for keeping records, as it can act as an automated system able to give great satisfaction to the customers.

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