Banking Solutions

Innovative technology is reshaping financial institutions by offering different banking solutions. SSCGI’s banking solution was structured to lead the way. The concept of banking solution helps automate front-end and back-end processes in meeting complex challenges to achieve centralized and competitive advantage. Base60 Anti-Money Laundering System is a one-stop shop for all the banking needs of all kinds of customers by offering various services under one roof.

Base60 AML
Base60 AML facilitates financial institutions in detecting and reporting any illegitimate activities; thereby prevents the fraudulent customers from uttering anymore-mischievous acts. Base60 AML has an enterprise wide approach in tracking and monitoring transactions focusing at hindering the persevering money laundering activities, efficiently and effectively. Base60 AML enables the financial institution to trace out the laundering activities of its customers by its dynamic rule based scenarios.
Enables the Bank to use Technology for managing AML activities
    • Built on a Dynamic Rule Based Scenario Engine
    • Built on Web Technology (thin clients)
    • Supports Logical System Partitioning per Subsidiary
    • Integrated to AMLC Portal

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